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Pros and cons of living in Lekki, Ajah and Ikoyi


In our most recent post, we gave extensive information on the cost of living in Lekki and Ikoyi. You should read it. It is no surprise that Lagos Island has become an epitome of class in terms of standard of living. Naturally, Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah areas are seen as the London of Lagos. Well… we won’t say this notion is incorrect. In today’s blog post, we want to point out the pros and cons of living in Lekki, Ikoyi, & Ajah.


Of course, there are 2 sides to everything, no place is 100% on the good side, Lagos Island is not an exemption. So if you are interested in knowing more about these areas before moving there, we advise that you read this post to the very last word.




#1 Serene Environment & Modern Apartments

The Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah cities are known to be graced with urban style apartments. With the extra attention paid to the architectural structures of the neighborhood, a touch of class is added, making the area so serene and modern. If you have a taste for beautiful, urban apartments, then you should consider relocating.


#2 Better Road Condition

It is no news that many roads in major parts of Lagos, and Nigeria as a whole is a eyesore. However, the case is different in Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah. Being the urban side of the Centre of Excellence, it is necessary to portray the area as being worth the investment and hype. Thus, the roads therein are better. In fact, feeder roads are not exempted. You are most likely not to get yourself or your car stuck in mud. 


#3 Security

Considering how these areas embrace the estate method of living, security became a strong benefit. Many people choose to move into any of these areas because of the security of lives and properties that’s assured. Every estate has security officials; also, modern technologies are employed to safeguard the apartments and communities. Little wonder, the rate of crime in Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah is impressively low.


#4 Less Crowded

Despite the fact that many people are relocating to Lekki, Ikoyi & Ajah, the area is still considered less crowded when compared to other areas on Lagos Mainland. Who doesn’t want to avoid the long queues at the bus stops, struggles for commercial buses, choked up flats, traffic and many more. The area gives you the classy vibe, hence, you feel more comfortable moving around with less crowd.


#5 More Opportunities For Investment & Networking

Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah are known to be resided by successful career persons, entrepreneurs, celebrities and many more successful classes of people.  Relocating to this part of Lagos positions you in a good way for you to tap into the endless opportunities that ensue. From investments, to partnerships and job opportunities, you are sure to link up in these cities.




#1 Expensive Apartments

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. As stated in the advantages above, Lekki, Ajah and Ikoyi are known to have tastefully constructed apartments. So if you plan to move to any of these areas, be ready to pay high costs to rent or buy an apartment.


#2 Daily Tolls

If you decide to move to Lekki, you should be prepared to pay gate tolls to and fro. Consider this payment as a stipend paid in exchange for good roads and less traffic. You can either pay in cash or switch to e-pass, however you need to budget at least N25,000 monthly for the toll pass.


#3 Expensive School Fees

Considering the calibre of people who reside in Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah, education for their children is consequently on the high side. No doubt, there are good schools on the Mainland, but the ones on the Island are on a different level in terms of fees and activities. 


#4 Cost of Living is high

Asides the high costs of apartments, you need to know that almost everything is pricey. You are most likely to pay double of the price you’d pay on the Mainland. From transportation to groceries to security bills to electricity bills, just to mention a few. If you have a well paying source(s) of income, you won’t find this difficult.


#5 Prone to flood

Another major disadvantage is the flooding that occurs almost every year. This is due to the beaches that surround the Lekki, Ajah area. However, this is not the case with all areas, so you need to do research on the right part to live in. Not to worry, Property Lagos has got you covered.



There you have it, the pros and cons of living in Lekki, Ikoyi and Ajah. Lekki, Ajah and Ikoyi are great areas to live in, provided you are able to afford the lifestyle it demands. If you are considering relocating to any of these areas, Property Lagos can make it easier for you to rent or buy an apartment of your choice. Contact us today.


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