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interior design mistakes you should avoid

5 Hideous Interior Design Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Interior design can be quite daunting for many people and this usually leads to hideous interior design mistakes.  


Interior design ideas involve the use of furniture, fabrics, wall coverings, colors, textures and styles that can make your home comfortable, as well as aesthetically appealing. Your home or office interior design is meant to truly reflect your nature, personality and lifestyle in an outspoken manner.  


Importantly, you should select each and every design material carefully to enhance the look of your home design, as well as make it more functional. It is essential to maintain a consistency throughout your home decor in order to give it a more luxurious and appealing ambiance. 


In this article, I will outline 5 hideous interior design mistakes which you need to avoid or stop.


5 Hideous Interior Design Mistakes You Should Stop


Cluttering & Disorganization

One of the major interior design mistakes people make is cluttering the home with too many accessories and items. Cluttering can make your room appear smaller. In fact, it can bring anxiety if not handled properly. Therefore, Eliminate extra items that you never or seldom use; it will definitely provide you more living space. Most importantly, you can avoid this by buying only those things that you are necessary and essential.


Bad Lighting

It is important for you to know that lighting is the emotion of the room. You do not want your home to be so bright, making you feel like you are in a lightning bolt. On the other hand, little lighting will give the room a gloomy feel. You can choose from a grand variety of lighting fixtures. Lighting is everything. That’s how important it is and if careful consideration is not given, your room is going to be a horrid place to be in, at night, no matter HOW beautifully decorated.


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Poor Color Coordination

Your room’s colour is not solely depicted by the paint on the walls. In addition, the shades or tints in the furniture will influence the mood greatly. However, don’t over-do the room using RED Only if you want a red room. Add contrasts and compliments in your colouring schemes. To choose the most appropriate colours for your interior design, look through colour swatches.



Overcrowded Furniture

One of the major interior design mistakes many people make is adding too much furniture to their rooms. A room that is overcrowded with couches, coffee tables, footstools, paper baskets or whatever can cause the mind to feel overcrowded. Importantly, leave room for enough space. It will promote relaxation.



High Placement of Photo Frames on Walls

On our list of hideous interior design mistakes is the notably high placement of photos and art works on walls. Where your art works and photos go on the walls is completely your choice.  However, don’t place it too light or too low on the wall.


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While trying to avoid these hideous interior design mistakes, you can as well include a mirror into your design.  Using mirrors will definitely make your rooms appear much more spacious.

The ultimate goal of interior design is majorly to create a more aesthetically appealing look for your home or office space. Also, getting the help of a professional interior designer is a worthwhile option to avoid these common interior design mistakes.


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