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Things to look out for when buying a new home in Ikoyi and Lekki

Things To Look Out For When Buying a New Home In Ikoyi and Lekki

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When it comes to buying a home, it is important to be smart and observant. Sometimes, the beauty of the house is not the only feature you should admire. This is why we chose to inform you through this post the Things to look out for when buying a new home in Ikoyi and Lekki.

You would see colorful flowers, freshly painted walls, gleaming floors and other superficial touches. What you can’t see is the foundation cracks, plumbing, wiring, broken appliances or other defects that might be revealed when you move in.




A home inspection is an opportunity for you to walk through the home to check the home’s major components, their current condition, what needs immediate attention and what will require maintenance after you move in.


As a buyer, going for home inspection gives you a deeper understanding of whether the home has been well-maintained or needs major repairs. If you’re not satisfied with the home’s current condition, you can request the seller address the repairs. Having your own home inspection checklist as a buyer can help you get the most value of your inspection.


7 Things to look out for when buying a new home in Ikoyi and Lekki


Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. Here are important things to look out for before paying for a new home in Lekki & Ikoyi:


  • Foundation & Building Integrity: 

Due to the nature of Lands in Lekki, property developers are meant to carry out soil tests before building on the land. However, many choose to ignore the need for this in a bid to curb expenses. As a consequence, a wrong type of foundation can be done. Before you pay for a house, ensure you check the entire building to find out if it is not tilting or sinking. Also be on the lookout for cracks. If there are wide cracks on the walls, you need to be concerned.


  • The Roof:

Nothing with a new home is bigger than the roof! It’s the biggest deal-breaker of the lot: your first line of defence against the elements – wind, rain, sun. Overlooking its importance could be one of the biggest mistakes you make if you are looking to buy a new home. Mistakes with roofs can end up costing you hundreds of thousands of naira and endless headaches – and the bargain you thought you were getting is suddenly not such a bargain.


Start with the obvious: are there any signs of leaks?


Check the inside of the house using a flashlight if necessary, to shine a light on any damp patches or other signs of leaks high on the walls or ceilings.


Are there any stains, signs of mould or rot or other signs of water damage? If so, this could be a deal-breaker and you need to be aware of it.


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  • The Plumbing System

You need to inspect the plumbing system and how it was installed. The plumbing problems that are later discovered may be very costly.  It’s bad enough to move into your home to discover later on that there are plumbing problems, but it’s even worse to find these problems so late that they become a massive liability and may even cost more than they would have if they had been discovered before you moved in.


You need to check:

Are the toilets fully functional?

Is discolored water an issue?

Are there leakages?


  • The Electrical Connections

Inspecting your house electrical connections and wiring can dramatically reduce fire risk and prevent malfunctions that could lead to future costly repairs.


You should know as much as you can before committing to purchase a property.


You need to check:

– The Switches and Outlets

– Check for Incorrect Electrical Wiring

– The Electrical Service Panel (circuit breaker or fuse box)

– Solar Panels Test & Inspection


  • The Drainage System

When you are looking at purchasing a home, one of the big things you need to check is the drainage system; any bad smells or blockages should be found and solved. You don’t want to move into a lovely new home and find out there’s issues with the drainage system, which can add to the stress of moving home.


One of the top problems that can occur is a blockage. This can cause the waste to not leave the property and can be a very horrible issue. It can cause a bad smell and mean that it is difficult to do things such as flush the toilet or drain the sink. If it is unable to flow away through the drains, then it will come back the other way and flood. Another big issue is leaking drains. This can be caused due to blockages, cracks, damage or just general wear and tear.


  • The Water Supply

Ensure you check if the water system is treated. Water in Lekki can be yellowish and requires treatment for it to be useful.


If the house you intend to buy is in a serviced estate that centrally provides treated water supply, check around if other buildings have storage tanks in their backyards. If they do, insist the developer provides that as well, as it usually insinuates the estate has occasional water shortages. 


If the property isn’t in a serviced estate, ensure the developer provides a water treatment plant, and also test the treatment plant to ensure it actually produces clean water.  In many cases, property developers do a very shallow well for the bore hole, and the water is still not clean even after treatment.


  • Verify the developers ownership of the property:

Do not forget to request for a scanned copy of the title document and survey for the property you want to buy. 


Once you get these, contact your lawyer to carry out a search at the Lagos state lands registry, and the estate developers office (if property is inside an estate) to verify the developers ownership of the property.


You should also get a surveyor to inspect the physical coordinates of the house, to ensure the boundaries tally with what is on the title document survey. Verify that the house is not built on land meant for public infrastructure such as roads or drainage.


Things to look out for when buying a new home in Ikoyi and Lekki: Conclusion

Buying a home in Lekki and Ikoyi is a great financial decision, however you need to be vigilant in the process. You can rely on Property Lagos to guide you through the whole process of getting your dream house in Lekki and Ikoyi. Contact Us today.

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