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how to get an office space in Lagos

How to Find The Perfect Office Space in Lagos

Finding the perfect office space in Lagos to look more professional and build trust from your ideal clients should not be a thing to worry much about.

With the presence of over 2,000 manufacturing companies, 200 financial institutions and the largest collection of small and medium enterprises in Africa, picking out the best office space in Lagos, suitable for your business is very important.


Factors To Consider When Searching For The Perfect Office Space in Lagos

The following factors are necessary to look out for in order to get the perfect office space:


Office Space Location.

It is advisable to pick a location that first favors your business and then your clients. This may sound selfish but when other businesses who need your type of service find out there is a solution provider within their reach from your promotions, whether offline or online, they will come running to you.

Also, ensure that the location and the office space matches your clients taste. This will make you get high regards from potential and existing clients.


Look Out for Reviews

Every office space in Lagos claims to be the best, fully equipped, flexible rental terms, inspiring work environments and so on. Always check the reviews from both current and past tenants. Ending up with an awful landlord is not definitely not good for business.


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Work with a recommended agent

If not chanced to go into the field to find office spaces for your business, reach out to someone or people you know to recommend agents that have helped them successfully to find office spaces that met their requirements.

After getting all recommendations, also do some research on them. Whether it is their portfolio or websites, check what previous clients are saying about them online.

If they turn out to be good, still follow up on the searches they say they’re doing for you.

Partner with Business Owners

Check out for adverts from business owners who are in need of partners to share office space with.

I Have An Office Space. Need a Partner

Hello I have a good office space on busy AdeolaOdeku road in Victoria Island, Lagos. Very spacious and well partitioned with aluminum and glass. But in need of a business partner/idea to make the space useful. Call or WhatsApp 080x xxx xxxx


This is an example written above, but before you agree to partner with such a business owner, make sure you get all the information about the business he/she does. And also be sure to do your research to know if your ideal clients are located in that region.



Read the lease terms thoroughly

After inspecting the office space thoroughly and confirming that it is a perfect fit for your business, do not rush to sign the lease document. The landlord or property owner may try to rush you to sign the contract especially when the office is in a prime location. Read and show to a lawyer if possible, to read all the terms and clarify any cost implications of each clause.



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