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different land sizes in Nigeria

Different Land Sizes in Nigeria

Most often, many Nigerians ask questions about the different land sizes in Nigeria. It is necessary to know the differences between the various sizes and their specific measurements. Before you purchase a real estate property, you should read this post so as to make an informed decision.


There are certain terms used in describing land measurements. Therefore, it is important to get familiar with such terms. Firstly, Square meters are used in Lagos and Abuja on land documents. On the contrary, agents and sellers use other terms like plots, acres, hectares and many more.


Common Measurement Units of Land Sizes in Nigeria


Meter (m)

A meter is one of the basic units of length used in the metric system. One meter is equivalent to 100 centimeters or 39.37 inches.

Foot (ft)

The foot (plural: feet) is also used in the measurement of length. One foot is equal to 30.48 centimeters or 12 inches.

Square meters (sqm)

The square metre is a fundamental metric unit of area. A square meter is simply the area of a square which has sides that measure 1 meter in length. It has a symbol m². It is used for measuring areas of anything from rooms to houses to land.

Square foot (sq ft)

The square foot, plural square feet, is an imperial unit of area. 1 square foot is defined as the area of a square which has sides that measure 1 foot in length.


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An acre is another unit of area commonly used in Nigeria for measuring large expanses of land. 1 acre is equivalent to 4046.86 sqm. An acre is approximately 40% of a hectare and is roughly the size of a standard football field.


A hectare is a unit of measurement typically used for large tracts of land: for example, vast agricultural land. 1 hectare is equivalent to 100 m x 100 m or 10,000 sqm. A hectare can also be represented as 2.47 acres.


Conversion of Land Measurement Units

Fortunately, the various land sizes can be converted into several units. It requires some simple mathematics. The table below shows how to do the conversion. 


Unit of area Conversion unit
1 Plot 18 m x 30 m = 540 sqm or 18 m × 36 m = 648 sqm or 30 m x 30 m = 900 sqm ***Note, Sizes of plots do vary: always ask for plot sizes in square meters***
1 Acre 43,560 square feet or 4046.86 square meters or 0.404686 hectares
1 Hectare 10,000 square metres or 2.47 acres
1 Square meter (sqm) 10.76 sq feet
1 Square feet (sq feet) 0.093 sqm
1 Meter (m) 3.28 ft
1 Foot (ft) 0.3048 m


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Final Note

Having knowledge about the different land sizes in Nigeria is necessary to make an informed decision while choosing a land. In addition, it will save you from the agony of being duped as many sellers sell less land for a higher price.

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